BC and Disaster Recovery Academy


eProfile affords individuals and organizations an opportunity to gain professional certifications in business continuity and disaster recovery. Our 10 day course will equip you or your staff with the tools and skills needed to effectively roll out a comprehensive business continuity solution for your organization. Having a certified business continuity professional as part of your team bolsters your security and recovery efforts and, should there be a disaster, can greatly enhance recovery time and coordination. There are also several courses available for more experienced professionals looking to achieve masters-level certification. Please contact us for more information.



Careers at eProfile

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Looking for a fast-paced, rewarding career focused on constant training? Searching for an opportunity to be a part of something growing, and growing fast? Send us an email and we’d be glad to talk it over!

Positions required:

  • Data Center Architect 8+ years experience
  • Certified Business Continuity Planner 2+ years experience
  • Electronics technician 3+ years experience
  • Masters level business planner with 5+ years experience


Transport and Logistics

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Leveraging our expertise in the automotive industry and vehicle tracking solutions, we can help any company within the transport and logistics industries develop plans and strategies to expand their areas of service, strengthen their competitive advantage, and shrink existing weak points in their systems. We can help you implement a fully automated solution that enables you to deploy, recover, maintain, and analyze current routes and programs to bolster performance, increase turn over, and minimize losses of any kind. Please contact us for more information.


Oil and Gas Industry

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Since it’s launch in Saudi Arabia, eProfile has gained an in-depth understanding of the oil and gas industry and has provided its services and consultation to many small to medium sized businesses focused on the industry. From feasibility studies to sales and construction strategies, eProfile has provided consistently professional and effective plans with insight from top minds in the industry. For more information on what we can do for your business, please contact us at one of the provided contacts.


Healthcare Industry

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The healthcare industry requires a more precise approach to disaster recovery and IT consulting and many strict standards must be complied with fully. Our HIPAA-certified disaster recovery solutions have been implemented in many of Saudi Arabia’s hospitals spanning both the Western and Eastern regions. Our approach to the healthcare industry focuses on information and its security and resilience.


Automotive Industry

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As one of the pioneers in US GPS fleet management equipment distributorship, eProfile provides unrivaled fleet management solutions and automotive experience in the middle east. Our focus on fleet management and vehicle tracking has enabled us to provide highly-effective solutions to companies within the following industries:

  • Shipping/Trucking fleets
  • Taxi companies
  • Rental car companies
  • Private truck fleets
  • Construction equipment
  • Private and government employee vehicle tracking


Remote Backup Hosting

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Our datacenter was built from the ground up as a state-of-the-art datacenter (ANSI / TIA 942), and provides a perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. eProfile offers 24/7/365 access to your equipment and staffs an entire team of technical professionals to ensure that your resources are in good hands.

Chicago datacenter specifications

Main Network Specifications and Datacenter Features:

datacenter piceProfile’s datacenter was build using the TIA-942 datacenter standards and provides you with a fully redundant hosting solution for your business. eProfile maintains the datacenter with scheduled maintenance on all critical datacenter systems. eProfile has years of experience (since 1995) managing a complex hosting environment for businesses. Our Network is made up of gigabit fiber connections coming from multiple providers to ensure your connection is always available.

•    New (2007) data center was built to ANSI / TIA 942 DATACENTER STANDARDS
•    SAS70 Type 2 Datacenter audited by third party firm
•    Customers and clients have been audited and passed HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, SAS-70
•    Quality APC datacenter components including racks, cooling, and backup UPS systems
•    Data center is PCI compliant for credit card handling and handling of financial data
•    Multiple Physical POEs (points of entry) for fiber inputs into center
•    Capacity Planning – No fiber optic link will ever peak at more than 33% of its capacity
•    1000 MBPS (GigE) fiber connections for high bandwidth needs
•    100 MBPS connections (or better) to eProfile’s routers and switches from your server is standard
•    Instant growth and scalability – Potential to install 96 fiber lines for possible 95,000 MBPS bandwidth
•    Redundant bandwidth carriers means no single point of provider failure
•    BGP4 is being used on border routers to ensure the quickest path between every request
•    42 U, 21 U, 14 U, locking cabinets supporting standard 19″ mounting rails
•    20-amp 120 volt AC circuits, 3-phase 208V circuits available. 60 Amps in each rack
•    Custom dedicated hosting, colocation, and managed services available
•    We can work with you on creating a disaster recovery plan using trained specialists
•    Geographically stable (low disaster occurrence) located 30 mi west of Chicago, Illinois. Located 1/2 mile off I-88
•    Senior Level system administrators on call 24/7/365 with emergency phone numbers

Chicago datacenter Power specifications

Datacenter Power System Specifications:

power picutreThe datacenter electrical power system contains fully redundant uninterruptible power systems (UPS) with 350 KW Cummins diesel backup generators. eProfile has regular scheduled maintenance checks on all power systems to ensure they will work when they are needed. You can trust eProfile’s power system because we have proven the success of our infrastructure with zero failures.

•    Redundant APC UPS’s – uninterruptible power supply batteries, powers equipment during generator startup
•    Cummins 350,000 Watt diesel generator – Hospital-grade diesel generators provide for all datacenter operations
•    Dense high capacity circuit distribution to prevent circuit failures or load issues
•    120 VAC and 208 VAC (single and three phase power availability) – 60 amps possible in each rack
•    24/7 Electrical circuit load monitoring and management by trained professionals
•    N+1 Power Redundancy on all systems. No single point of failures possible
•    APC valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries providing backup at full load
•    Generator backup – 24 hours of on-site fuel plus emergency refueling service to resupply in an emergency
•    Uninterrupted transfer of power using high capacity UPS and Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
•    Transfer of power is completely automatic and transparent in the event of an outage
•    Regularly scheduled maintenance with certified power generator contractors
•    24/7/365 monitoring of generator systems at Network Operations Center – NOC

Chicago datacenter cooling

Datacenter Cooling / Environmental Datacenter Specifications:

Cooling pictureThe eProfile datacenter has redundant HVAC systems, so at maximum cooling times a system can be completely down and it will not affect room conditions. eProfile keeps the front of our racks at between 69-70 F to ensure your server equipment runs as efficiently as possible. eProfile also controls the humidity in the center to ensure a long life for your equipment. As a third level of safety, eProfile has fully mobile 8 ton air units that can be used during maintenance. Our setup ensures a cool environment for your equipment.

•    Redundant HVAC cooling capacity controlled to (+/-) 2 degrees of 70 degrees
•    Liebert and APC datacenter grade air conditioners in N+1 setup to ensure 100% up-time.
•    Leak detection system – upon detection of any water near system, the leak detection will send an alarm
•    Equipped with high capacity HVAC data center grade systems installed by datacenter specialists
•    N+1 Redundancy on all cooling systems means we have no single point of failure
•    Data center environment maintained at optimal temperature and humidity levels for equipment
•    N+1 Power Redundancy on all systems. No single point of failures possible
•    24/7/365 HVAC emergency service contracted by certified professionals with years of experience
•    Contracted maintenance with certified HVAC contractors specializing in APC Equipment
•    Computer controlled humidification system takes the guess work out of the controls
•    10 foot ceiling height contributes to maintaining ambient air temp of 70 degrees F
•    2 foot raised floor for under floor cooling is very efficient for putting cold air on all racked equipment

Fire Detection and Suppression

Fire Detection and Suppression System Specifications:

Fire-Protection pictureThe eProfile data center is protected by dual fire protection systems. eProfile maintains both FM200 water-less fire suppression and Fike dry pipe pre-action fire protection systems, thus allowing eProfile to offer the best available fire protection in existence today. eProfile has also placed the entire data center inside of a fire protected area to prevent fire from entering the center from an outside source. Careful planning and high end equipment ensures that your expensive investment is safe with eProfile.

•    Full fire detection systems installed above and below all racks in datacenter to quickly address issues
•    Photoelectric early warning smoke detectors installed for early warnings
•    Heat detection warning systems act as secondary system to smoke detectors
•    FM-200 fire suppression system – safe gas based fire removal system addressing issues
•    Dual interlock pre-action dry pipe fire suppression systems for added protection
•    Water held outside critical equipment areas and is not directly above equipment
•    Fail-safe alarm system to prevent false discharge or tampering of system when armed
•    Server room has been fire-protected on all 4 walls to prevent fire creep from outside source
•    Zone-specific discharge of pre-action systems to limit negative effect of a discharge

Chicago datacenter security

Security Specifications for Datacenter:

Security DatacentereProfile is committed to providing the highest level of security to safeguard your equipment 24 hours a day. With multiple levels of security, entry into the data center is restricted by proximity cards and access codes. Video surveillance and stringent data center escort requirements protect server access and our client’s equipment. eProfile maintains over 90 days of electronic video coverage that can be reviewed at any time. Come in for a tour and find out why so many businesses choose eProfile to safeguard their equipment.

•    Cement building with no windows in datacenter prevents entry or viewing of equipment
•    No signage describing eProfile’s data center services on outside building
•    Intrusion detection alarm systems in place throughout the datacenter
•    Event driven, fixed mount digital Closed Circuit (CCTV) with digital archive
•    All entry, exit, and datacenter locations under video surveillance 24/7
•    Fail-safe alarm system to prevent false discharge or tampering of system
•    Key card and Code Access required to enter datacenter at all times
•    Database of individuals authorized to access the facility is used and monitored
•    Every individual rack in the datacenter is always locked with access code and key
•    Serial numbers on equipment are recorded at entry and exit points in datacenter
•    Emergency pager and phone support to all clients for emergency priority
•    All access is electronically logged into a eProfile client database via keycards.

Chicago datacenter operations

Datacenter Operations Control Center Specifications:

Datacenter CommandeProfile has a state-of-the-art NOC to view and monitor our entire system. eProfile employs professional system administrators that have been trained on emergency techniques and management of both Windows and Linux servers. The core of eProfile’s main technical team has been with the company for over 10 years. eProfile provides all of our clients 24/7/365 technical support in person or on the phone, and we also have a support ticket system for non-emergency issues. eProfile has experience with small, medium, and Fortune 500 clients.

•    State-of-the-art high resolution data audio/video screens to monitor data
•    Command consoles for control of local and remote systems in datacenter
•    Secure, highly restricted access to operations center by trained staff only
•    Monitor and control of environmental systems – ex. electrical and cooling
•    Network systems 24/7/365 monitoring and management to ensure up time
•    Remote systems for backup service monitoring during non business hours
•    eProfile has highly trained system administers on staff at all times
•    Control Center (NOC) built from the ground up as a datacenter control room


Planning and Implementation

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Solid business continuity efforts must start with a seamless plan that directs and defines all subsequent milestones to achieving true business resiliency. Our certified business continuity professionals  and IT specialists will synchronize efforts with your team to provide a plan that is productive, real, and comprehensive. Our planning and implementation efforts include:

1.  Program Initiation and Management
Establish the need for a Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program, including resilience strategies, recovery objectives, business continuity, operational risk management considerations and crisis management plans.  The prerequisites within this effort include obtaining management support and organizing and managing the formulation of the functions or processes required to construct the BCM framework.

2.  Risk Evaluation and Control
Determine the risks (events or surroundings) that can adversely affect the organization and its resources (example(s) include: people, facilities, technologies) due to business interruption; the potential loss of such events can cause and the controls needed to avoid or mitigate the effects of those risks.  As an outcome of the above, a cost benefit analysis will be required to justify the investment in controls.

3.  Business Impact Analysis
Identify the impacts resulting from business interruptions that can affect the organization and techniques that can be used to quantify and qualify such impacts. Identify time-critical functions, their recovery priorities, and inter-dependencies so that recovery time objectives can be established and approved.

4.  Business Continuity Strategies
Leverage the outcome of the BIA and Risk Evaluation to develop and recommend business continuity strategies.  The basis for these strategies is both the recovery time and point objectives in support of the organization’s critical functions.

5.  Emergency Response and Operations
Identify an organizations’ readiness to respond to an emergency in a coordinated, timely and effective manner.  Develop and implement procedures for initial response and stabilization of situations until the arrival of authorities having jurisdiction (if/when).

6.  Business Continuity Plans
Design, develop, and implement Business Continuity Plans that provide continuity and/or recovery as identified by the organization’s requirements.

7. Awareness and Training Programs
Prepare a Program to create and maintain corporate awareness and enhance the skills required to develop and implement Business Continuity Management.

8. Business Continuity Plan Exercise, Audit and Maintenance
Establish an exercise/testing program which documents plan exercise requirements including the planning, scheduling, facilitation, communications, auditing and post review documentation.    Establish maintenance program to keep plans current and relevant.  Establish an audit process which will validate compliance with standards, review solutions, verify appropriate levels of maintenance and exercise activities and validate the plans are current, accurate and complete.

9. Crisis Communications
Develop and document the action plans to facilitate communication of critical continuity information.  Coordinate and exercise with stakeholders and the media to ensure clarity during crisis communications.

10. Coordination with External Agencies
Establish applicable procedures and policies for coordinating continuity and restoration activities with external agencies (local, regional, national, emergency responders, defense, etc.) while ensuring compliance with applicable statutes and regulations.


Contact Us

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United States HQ

440 N. Wolfe Road
Sunnyvale, CA

p: 408-229-3165
e: abdullah@eprofile.com


Middle East HQ

Saudi Business Center
Madinah Road
13th Floor
Office 1301
p: 00966-504827556
e: awwad@eprofile.com


HVAC Systems

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In sizes 5 to 40 ton, our HVAC system is specifically designed to provide a safe, clean indoor environment for RIE and similar buildings containing computers and other sensitive electronics.  As specified, the system provides either:

  • Environmental protection with over-pressurization inside the building to prevent infiltration of corrosive gasses, or,
  • Class I, Division 2 hazardous location positive pressurization of 0.1” WC (min.) to prevent infiltration of hazardous and corrosive gasses and reduce the classification inside the building to an ordinary (non-hazardous) location.

Featuring two air conditioning units for full redundancy, the system incorporates cooling, heating, and dual pressurization with gas-phase air filtration into a single system. The system is designed to allow for easy installation and maintenance. The complete assembly is designed for installation on the exterior of the building.  Only the control section with supply and return air openings penetrates the building making for a minimal wall cutout.  Structural support underneath the system is required to be provided by the customer.

To protect sensitive equipment, make-up air for purge and pressurization is scrubbed as it passes through particulate pre-filters, carbon and/or potassium permanganate media cells, and final filters to remove corrosive gasses and other pollutants.   A portion of the return air is recirculated through the filtration section of the system for continual cleaning of the indoor atmosphere.   Pressurization air passes through the cooling and heating sections and is preconditioned before entering the room.

In compliance with NFPA 496, each pressurization blower provides a purge of 60 feet per minute through open doors to maintain the non-hazardous classification of the indoor space and prevent the entrance of hazardous and corrosive gasses.

VPAX features include:

  • Single-package construction with fork-lift base and completely pre-wired controls for ease of installation,
  • Two independent cooling and heating systems,
  • **Separate thermostats and humidistats, and a 7-day timer to allow equal run time for each system,
  • Class I, Division 2 design in the condenser (outdoor) and pressurization sections when required,
  • Dual pressurization and dual purge in compliance with NFPA 496,
  • Gas-phase air filtration with easy access for removal and replacement, and with either:
    • Single bed bulk fill chemical media, or,
    • Chemical media cells,
  • Alarm for loss of room pressure,
  • Corrosion protection coatings on coils, compressors, copper tubing, and other exposed  components,
  • Urethane coated galvanized steel cabinetry (stainless steel optional),
  • Fresh air stack with rain cap,

** Optional PLC control with HMI interface (touch screen). ** Optional redundant PLC control with dual HMI interface (touch screens).

Fresh air stacks can be furnished in a guy-wire or free-standing style and includes a rain cap with bird screen.  Free-standing stacks can be furnished in either a welded pipe design or in a lighter weight, heavy gauge spiral pipe design.  Our free-standing stacks are made in 10 foot long (max.) sections and with heavy, seal-welded flanges at both ends.  The free-standing stacks are P.E. Certified for:

  • 130 MPH winds – Free-standing spiral pipe design, up to 30 feet tall.
  • 150 MPH winds – Free-standing welded pipe design, up to 30 feet tall.

Free-standing stacks must be properly secured at the base with anchor bolts in a concrete foundation or seal-welded to a structural steel support.

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